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World Market Leader Geislinger 100% export quota

Geislinger Gesilco Disc © Geislinger GmbH

© Geislinger GmbH

18 April 2008

From the heart of the Alps, the Salzburg company produces dampers and couplings for cargo ships. In this segment Geislinger also holds the title of world market leader.

The Salzburg family-owned company Geislinger has been producing and delivering dampers and couplings for large ship engines for more than 50 years. Geislinger, run by brothers Cornelius and Matthias Geislinger, is now in the third generation and still has its headquarters in Salzburg - Hallwang. In this specialised industry sector it is the uncontested market leader. There is hardly an ocean liner around which is not fitted with Geislinger special parts and the uninterrupted trend in sea freight is driving up company revenues.

In the last financial year revenues reached EUR 55.7 m. For the new financial year the aim is to generate EUR 70 m. The company began in a garage in Salzburg. Today Geislinger operates four plants and three distribution offices - in addition to the Austrian headquarters, there is an office in Pusan (South Korea) and one in Tokyo. The largest plant is in St. Leonhard in Lavanttal (Carinthia), along with plants in Hallwang (Salzburg), Battle Creek (USA) and Suzhou in China, which has been operating for one year. Geislinger's domestic customers are euphemistically thin on the ground. 100% of the dampers and couplings "Made in Austria" are exported.