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For sale - Austrian beer in New Zealand!

For sale - Austrian beer in New Zealand! ©


8 December 2008

Auckland-based Vienna Group now imports a range of well-known Austrian beers, so that Kiwi beer lovers can discover the joys of some of Europe's finest brews.  

In partnership with Brau Union International in Linz, Vienna Group imports seven different beers from Austria, including:

  • Edelweiss
  • Gösser
  • Gösser Dunkel
  • Kaiser
  • Zipfer Original
  • Zipfer Urtyp
  • Schloßgold

The range includes beer brewed in an Austrian monastery since 1020 (Gösser), Austria's best performing keg beer (Kaiser) and beer brewed in the Austrian Alps using alpine water flavoured with alpine herbs (Edelweiss).

Vienna Group's beers are available in bottles and cans of 330, 500 and 600 mLs, as well as 5 L party kegs, at supermarkets and liquor stores around New Zealand.

For more information about Vienna Group, Austrian beer and a list of stockists in New Zealand, visit Vienna Group's website.