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Electronics Industry 2006 - 12.3% increase

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7 August 2007

The export quota of the Austrian electric and electronic industry stood at 74%. Export was the industry's driving force for growth, increasing by 17% last year.

Austria's electric and electronic industry recorded sharp rises in 2006. Total turnover grew by 12.3% to EUR 14.2 billion. Production growth was  highest in the manufacture of engines, generators and transformers (38%). The key growth generator was exports, with the export rise at 17.1% and an export quota of 74%. The most important industry export market was the EU, accounting for almost 70% of exports. There were also positive developments in exports to the new EU members, where growth targets of over 30% were met. The industry is focussed on the fields of general energy, energy efficiency and the reduction of energy usage.  

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