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Energy Globe Award 2007: Call for participants

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9 July 2007

World Award for Sustainability issues call for participants.

The Energy Globe Award is an Austrian initiative to promote the development and use of energy efficient technologies. It is presented annually to projects from around the globe that demonstrate a conscientious, innovative use of resources and/or renewable energies. Since its inception nine years ago, the Energy Globe Award has become one of the most prestigious and recognised awards in a sector that is attaining ever-increasing importance in political debate worldwide.

Applications for the Energy Globe Award 2007 can now be submitted in the following categories:

  • Earth (eg, buildings, waste treatment technologies, waste water technologies)
  • Fire (eg, renewable energy forms such as biomass, biofuels, efficient technologies)
  • Water (eg, water processing technologies, water usage, turbines)
  • Air (eg, technologies/measures to reduce CO2-emissions)
  • Youth (eg, sustainable environmental projects initiated and implemented by young people)

The winner of First Prize in each of the above categories receives 10,000 Euro, and the presentation of the Energy Globe Award will be internationally broadcasted by means of a television gala.

Applications are due by 31st July 2007 and can be submitted by email, post or fax. For an application form and further information about the Energy Globe Award, please refer to the related links on the left.

In the 2006 Energy Globe Award , the candidate Gould Group was the National Energy Globe Winner for Australia and further took out Second Prize in the international Youth category with its project “Waste wise schools program – winning the war against waste”.