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World Skills Competition 2007 Austria comes second out of European teams

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30. November 2007

The 39th international skills festival took place in Japan from 14th to 21st November 2007. With four medals and eighteen certificates, the red-white-red team were able to build on the success of previous world skills competitions.

In the national tables Austria came in a magnificent seventh place from a total of 46 nations. In the European rankings Austria even managed an excellent second place just behind Switzerland. The Austrian medals were awarded in the following skills categories - Industrial Control, Painting and Decorating, CNC-Turning and Plumbing.

All participants who gained more than 500 out of a possible 600 points were awarded a certificate of honour. This meant that the Austrian team took home a total of 18 certificates of honour from  World Skills Shizouka 2007 . Austria once again proved that despite being a small country, it is among the world's best with regard to vocational training.