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Partnership between Calata and Pessl Instruments introducing data driven farming in the Philippines

One of the biggest agricultural conglomerates in the Philippines, Calata Corporation, announced its partnership with the Austria based company Pessl Instruments GmbH with the goal of introducing data-driven farming practices in the Philippines. Calata Corp. aims to lead the Philippines agricultural sector into the Agricultural Internet of Things, which is intelligence-based farming that relies on real-time field data. “Now with the internet of things... agriculture, as you know, is a very important topic from the GDP point of view in the Philippines, but also it is very important that your growing population gets quality food,” said Gottfried J. Pessl, CEO and founder of Pessl Instruments Gmbh. Pessl Instruments GmbH develops and distributes climate monitoring, agricultural risk, and irrigation management technology solutions for its farming customer base. The first initiative of the partnership will be setting up a forecasting service, the iMetos weather station. The service will give the farmer precise information about the weather and beyond that, also substantial data to help them protect and increase their yield and save water and fertilizer costs. By introducing modern data driven farming practices Calata Corp and Pessl Instruments GmbH are set to revolutionize the Philippine´s agricultural industry.