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Trade Mission to Pakistan

23. September 2013 - 26. September 2013
Islamabad / Lahore

Event details

23. September 2013 - 26. September 2013B.24;B.37Trade Mission to Pakistan

The "Aussenwirtschaft Austria" is planning a Trade mission to Pakistan, focusing on Industrial Projects and Energy Development, in the time from September 23 to 26, 2013.  

The economic mission of the “AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT Austria” therefore addresses itself to companies which are active in the fields of industrial development and modernisation.
As well as industrial materials, supplies and engineering services. Large scale operations in the fields of metal processing which are situated around the cities Islamabad, Rawalpini and Lahore will be visited as well.

The economic mission is planned that Austrian participants get an insight into planned projects in the named sectors. Further they can present themselves and meet new business partners. Austrian companys will get an insides in to the planned project in the mentionend sectors. Furthermore they can presented himselfs and meet new business partners, most of the meetings will be arranged in the groups with high ranked companys.

For more information or to participate please follow the link below: