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30. October 2013
19:30 - 21:30
Shangri-La Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Event details

30. October 2013B.00AUSTRIAN NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATION 2013 Plaza Beach Garden

The Austrian National day will be celebrated on Wednesday the 30th October 2013 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Plaza Beach Garden, Qaryat al Beri in Abu Dhabi. Invited will be selected Austrian citizens - registered at the Austrian Embassy and valued business associates.

The celebration of the Austrian Nationalday 2013 can only be realized due to the generous donations of the following companies: OMV , Ghassan Ahmed Al Sulaiman Trading (Rauch Säfte), Austria Business Center , Red Bull , Doka Gulf FZE , Borealis Middle East , MIO Law Firm , VAMED Middle East , Zink Power Middle East FZE , Glock Middle East , Crystal House Lights / Gifts Co. , Voestalpine Tubulars , Unger Steel Middle East FZE , Gantner Electronics , Swarovski, Waagner Biro Gulf LLC , PKE Gulf WLL , Strohal Legal Group, Umdasch Shopfitting L.L.C ., Weiss-Rohlig UAE LLC , Ecotherm International.
If you also want to support the Austrian National Day, please contact either the Austrian Embassy or us directly.

The celebration of the 26th October as the Austrian National Day goes back to the beginnings of the 2nd Republic after WW II. After the end of the War, Austria was occupied by the four Allied powers (Sowjet Union, United States, Great Britain and France) and accordingly divided into four zones. With their consent, an Austrian government was elected democratically, but every legislative regulation or political action required their consent. The negotiations over a State Treaty ending this occupation could finally be brought to conclusion in the spring of 1955: the Austrian State Treaty was signed on the 15 of May 1955 in Vienna's castle Belvedere (maybe one of the most moving events in Austrian history) and entered into force on July 27 1955. October 26 marks the day that followed the day on which the last foreign troops left the Austrian territory; therefore de facto the first day Austria was again an independent and sovereign country. As the status of permanent neutrality was the condition upon which the Sowjet Union had agreed to the signing of the State Treaty, the Austrian Parliament also chose this very special day to pass the law on permanent neutrality to mark the fact that it was taking a unilateral and independent decision.

The Federal Government celebrates this day every year with a series of events in Vienna and throughout Austria.