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Renewed record growth in Austrian exports in 2013

20. March 2014

In 2013 Austria exported goods worth EUR 125 bn, marking a new export record for the third time in a row.

Austria’s export industry once again proved it could perform very well, even against a difficult global economic backdrop. According to preliminary figures from Statistics Austria , the total value of goods exports rose by 1.5% in the period January to December 2013 to reach EUR 125.41 bn. In the same period imported goods fell by 1.5% yoy to EUR 129.96 bn. This led the trade deficit to fall by almost half of 2012 levels to EUR 4.55 bn (2012: EUR 8.44 bn).

In 2013 Austria imported goods worth EUR 92.46 bn from EU member states, representing a decrease of 1.4% on 2012. The value of goods exported to these countries amounted to EUR 86.32 bn (+1.1%). Foreign trade with third countries saw imports slip back by 1.8% to EUR 37.50 bn, while exports rose by 2.4% to EUR 39.09 bn.

The share of Austria’s total foreign trade accounted for by EU versus third countries has shifted over the past five years; 28.9% of total imports and 31.2% of exports were with non-EU countries in 2013.

In terms of export volumes, the most important trade partners in 2013 remained Germany, Italy, the USA, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic.

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