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Adopt green technologies in buildings, say experts

Qatar Green Building
17. August 2010

The Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) hosted a seminar entitled ‘Green Building Strategies and the Way to the Future,’ in collaboration with Ortner Consulting Business Solutions last week.
Green Technologies managing director Mario Seneviratne, Ortner Consulting managing director Nadja Ortner, ERTEX-Solar (Austria) marketing and sales CEO Dieter Moor, and Aftermarket Middle East regional marketing manager Mashood Rahman were the presenters.

In his opening note, QGBC’s education committee chairman Mohamed Jaber urged the participants to utilize the information they acquire from the seminar to promote an environmentally conscious effort in building.
Seneviratne explained how green buildings lead to a healthier environment and surroundings and how it positively affects the future generations.
He also gave an introduction about Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification programme that is internationally accredited for its design, operation and construction of high green buildings.
By utilising the LEED programme, buildings are ensured to be not only environmentally compatible but also profitable in terms of providing a healthy work atmosphere.
LEED also addresses resource conservation, reduction of energy and water consumption and improving of occupant comfort while constructing buildings.
Nadja shed light on the creation of concrete in green building construction. She clarified how new technologies can produce different kinds of concrete from reuse and recycling of waste concrete grey water during its production process.
“This is an interesting concept in Qatar due to the considerable amount of constructions taking place lately,” the speaker said. Nadja also discussed the sustainability of the new concrete that will have to be assessed by LEED.
In order to minimise the usage of the energy needed to construct green buildings, Moor addressed the participants with his presentation on solar applications.
The discussion also covered solar photo-voltaics (PV), solar thermal water heating and cooling and building integrated solar PV and how the usage of solar energy empowers various machines and electronics.
Rahman dwelt on the importance of green building certifications. With a focus on the benefits of building green, he explained how sustainable operation and maintenance practices not only reduces the operating cost and carbon emission but also increases equipment and facility life and the indoor air quality as well.
“The impact of CO2 level, specifically in school and office provides healthy performance with lower absenteeism rates,” he said.
In his closing remarks QGBC chairman Issa al-Muhannadi encouraged the attendees from different sectors of the industry to share their knowledge and statistics to help enrich Qatar’s experience in green buildings.