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Infrastructure know-how from Austria

8. September 2015

The Netherlands and England are taking advantage of Austrian know-how in traffic management. The Austrian IT company Kapsch Trafficcom was given a contract with a volume of about EUR 60 million for the modernization and consolidation of traffic management on highways in the Netherlands and England.

Kapsch Trafficom was contracted by Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch authority for road construction and management, and Highways England, the English authority for road construction and operations, to supply "Advanced Traffic Management Systems DYNAC" for the cross-border program "CHARM". This represents a joint program implemented by the English and Dutch road construction authorities.  The contract also encompasses services for a period of thirteen years after the successful implementation of the DYNAC system.  

Kapsch will install DYNAC at two traffic management centers in England and the Netherlands. The work should be concluded within a period of 26 months. Following the implementation in the first two traffic management centers, the system will be installed by third party companies in all other traffic management centers in the countries. Kapsch Trafficcom will also further expand the toll road network in Belarus.