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Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University VIENNA, AUSTRIA

5. March 2013

 Summer University Vienna - First hand ecological knowledge and engineering expertise bundled in a three-week program in the capital of energy efficient building: Vienna. Think sustainable, take care of your future -now. 

 The International Network of Student Exchange presents their annual summer university Green.Building.Solutions. which deals with the topic of sustainable and energy-efficient planning, building and constructing. INEX works together with a variety of experts from five austrian universities such as Technical University, University of Economics, University of Vienna, Danube Universtiy Krems and University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences as well as members of the IG-Passivhaus and the Austrian Institute of Technology.
INEX combines knowledge from different fields of study like architecture, building engineering, social sciences, design, urban planning, economics and other relevant fields of work. The aim is to prepare this knowledge centrally for our students in a three-week program. The focus of this three week summer course lies on sustainable and environmentally friendly methods and techniques of modern constructing e.g. passive-house standard.
The program also has a practical orientation and includes excursions, guided tours and visits of relevant locations like urban construction sites, heating and cooling plants, university laboratories, recycling plants as well as traditional buildings like „Schloss Schönbrunn“ and a lot more.
The participants will be accomodated in a passive-house student home from the INEX-partner OeAD-housing office which makes the experience of living in a passive-house even more tangible.
Furthermore INEX cooperates with austrian enterprises from the building sector who bear the costs of scholarships for our participants. This will guarantee a reasonable participation fee for selected students. For a student grant the application deadline is April 28, 2013. Otherwise you can apply until May 15 2013. 

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