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LIST Holding GmbH: Exclusive interior solutions on water, on land and in the air

Business jet furnished by LIST © LIST Holding GmbH

© LIST Holding GmbH

19. August 2010

The Austrian company offers complete interior furnishing solutions produced to order and plans, designs and manufactures individual interiors for water craft, aircraft and buildings for customers from all over the world.

A company rich in tradition, LIST is based in Edlitz-Thomasberg and Bad Erlach, Lower Austria and has been bringing together exquisite quality craftsmanship and the requisite pioneering spirit for 60 years. Three generations on, what started out as a small carpentry business has grown into an international furnishings company and project development expert in interior fitting solutions. The range of areas in which the company operates has been built up steadily over the years.

A heightened aesthetic sense and clear vision for the company’s future enable LIST and its over 500 employees to develop and realise complex, high-quality furnishing solutions for luxury yachts, cruise ships, aircraft, hotels, private residences and clinics. Over 80% of the LIST Group’s business comes from abroad – mostly from projects on the water and in the air. For interior furnishings for business jets, LIST already has a global market share of up to 20%. On the water this family-run company specialises in exclusive fittings for luxury yachts with a length of over 50 metres.
In addition to extensive experience using wood as a furnishing material, LIST has recently found a creative way of using stone for aircraft interiors. Here the company has developed an exceptionally innovative product whereby the stone is only 0.8 millimetres thick and can be moulded three-dimensionally thanks to a special production method. Natural stone is now being used in aircraft cabins for flooring, storage compartments and bathroom areas.

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