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Austrian Alcoholic Beverages

Austrian wine and beer is available to buy from a range of outlets in Singapore. You can download a full list here:

Where to buy Austrian Alcoholic Beverage  [pdf, 925.0kb]

On the following Wine Searcher website you can also look for your favourite Austrian wine:  

Austrian Food and non-alcoholic Beverages

A list of Austria's most famous food products and non-alcoholic drinks can be downloaded here: 

Where to buy Austrian food and beverages [pdf, 212.1kb]

Austrian Fashion, Accessories and Textiles

Austria is known for its high-quality fashion, accessories and textiles. Several designers are well established in Singapore and can be found in many top department stores. 

A list of the most famous outlets can be downloaded here: 

Austrian Fashion, Shoes, Accessories und Textiles [pdf, 236.3kb] 

Restaurants, Bars and Catering

In the following restaurants, bars and caterings you can enjoy Austrian specialities:

Austrian restaurants bars and caterings [pdf, 107.1kb]

Austrian Furniture, Vehicles, Sports and Others

The following list include Austrian Furniture, Vehilces, Sports and other Austrian products: 

Austrian Furniture, Vehilces, Sports and others [pdf, 138.8kb]

Austrian Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glued Laminated (Glulam) Suppliers

Austrian companies are leading suppliers for Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glued Laminated (Glulam) Timber around the world

CLT Glulam [pdf, 602.6kb]