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Sentiment of foreign investors in Slovakia, best since 2009

6. April 2016

Survey confirms positive trend.

Four out of ten foreign investors want to expand further and hire additional employees in 2016. This is the result of a sentiment survey with 166 companies from other European countries conducted by the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy (ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA) in Bratislava and the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

The foreign investors in Slovakia asses the economic situation very positive and look ahead very optimistically. 44% of the participants expect 2016 a better performance than 2015, one third expects a general improvement of the economic situation in Slovakia.

A major problem in 2016 will be the availability of skilled workers, according to the survey skilled labor force is especially a problem in the industry sector.

Many investors are concerned about the situation after the elections. 42% percent of the surveyed companies see a political risk in the multi-party coalition and the strengthened influence of the right-wing.

Attached you find selected results of the survey. If you are interested in the entire evaluation write us briefly .

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