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BOJNIGO Adventure Hotel and Resort - an Austrian tourism project seeking an investor

28. July 2016

Hotels Asset Management, an international hotel consulting company based in Vienna, Austria, presents a one-of-a-kind offer for investing in a unique project in the picturesque and important tourism region of BOJNICE, SLOVAKIA. The BOJNIGO Adventure Hotel and Resort is a revolutionary and new concept for the Slovak Hotel market, as it would be the FIRST FULL SERVICE ADVENTURE/ENTERTAINMENT/SPORTS & LEISURE RESORT in the country.

In its current utilization concept, the Hotel Sportcentrum Bojnice, built   in   1987   as   one   of   the   top   multifunctional  sport preparation camps in Czechoslovakia, has since broadened its product offering by especially targeting the corporate event/teambuilding sector, but also casual private/family clients. The owners of this hotel are now interested in exploring a possible sale of their current asset. For this reason, Hotels Asset Management has, in cooperation with SIEBERT + TALAS architects, developed the BOJNIGO Adventure Hotel and Resort concept, which represents the ideal utilization concept for a prospective investor who wishes to enter or expand operations into the profitable and promising BOJNICE/SLOVAK hotel market.

BOJNIGO Adventure Hotel and Resort has been specifically geared towards being a profitable investment opportunity into the forecasted touristic growth of the region. It would primarily revitalize the current property and open it up to a much larger target group, allowing prospective investors to profit from a higher market share, while still representing a strong niche investment appealing to a solid regular customer group.

Please note that the BOJNIGO Adventure Hotel and Resort is a development project concept only. It is entirely possible for prospective investors to purchase the property as it stands while having no obligation to follow the development concept presented in this offering.

We are happy to provide interested parties with a comprehensive project memorandum of the Hotel Sportcentrum Bojnice / BOJNIGO Adventure Hotel and Resort development concept.

For further information, please contact Mr. Sebastian Bobocel, Managing Partner, Hotels Asset Management, under the following mail address: