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The strongest sector of the Austrian economy has a new name

1. March 2017

Since January 2017 the Association of the Machinery, Metalware and Foundry Industries has a new name - the Association of Metaltechnology Industries (Metaltechnology Austria). The professional journal published by the Association underwent some changes as well.

About 130,000 employees and further 250,000 people working in related branches, 1 200 companies whose annual production value reaches 35 billion Euro - these are only a few of many figures that characterize the machinery and metal processing industry as the Austria's strongest sector.

At the beginning of the year the Association of Metaltechnology Industries, which is the core organization for this sector, underwent rembranding. This change also concerns the professional journal METALTECHNOLOGY AUSTRIA, where the Association presents particular subsectors and companies of the Austrian machinery, metal processing and technology industries. The new journal not only introduces a visual shift but also brings new contents, which are in this particular issue focused on the renewable energy and environmental sector.

Find out more about businesses and progressive technologies from Austria that are applied within the renewable energy sector all over the world. Get your copy of the new issue of the journal METALTECHNOLOGY AUSTRIA for free under the link stated below (related downloads).