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Lower Austria Economic Forum in Slovakia

15. June 2017

On June the 7th 2017 the Austrian Business Circle took place in hotel Lindner in Bratislava. The main topic was cross-border cooperation between the region of Lower Austria and Slovakia. 

More than a quarter of all Austrian Exports to Slovakia come from the region of Lower Austria, which accounts for 700 mil. Euros. Around 180 companies from Lower Austria have a subsidiary in Slovakia.

 The region of Bratislava is considered to be one of the richest regions within the EU. According to forecasts on economic growth, Slovakia is going to be ranked among top prosperous EU countries even in the future. This offers new business opportunities for companies from Lower Austria. For this reason astudy [pdf, 1,414.4kb] has been conducted in order to show concrete measures on how to strengthen regional economic cooperation.

 You will find a photo gallery following this link .