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Austrian Furniture Industry on a New Course for Growth

27. June 2017

8.8% rise in production, 5.1% growth in exports, 6.5% increase in imports - these are the results of the Austrian furniture industry in 2016.

The economic upturn in Austria is also being reflected in the furniture industry: “The mood among companies is very positive, and the consums er climate is well above the European average” stresses Dr Georg Emprechtinger, Chairman of the Austrian Furniture Industry.

On an international level, too, ‘Made in Austria’ has established itself as an exclusive quality label. “High-quality products and flexibility along with consistent management of innovation in terms of design and functions are key features for Austrian furniture manufacturers, and enable them to stand out from the crowd”, explains Emprechtinger. 

According to the preliminary figures 2016, the Austrian furniture companies increased their revenues to nearly 2 billion Euro from EUR 1.84 billion in the same period last year. International trade volumes also generated growth -as ever, the most important export and import partner is Germany.

More details about the results of the Austrian furniture industry can be found in the Austrian Furniture Industry's press release enclosed below.