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Leoben Researchers Develop Decomposable Paper

Montan University Leoben
May 7, 2010

New Paper Based on Bioplastics

Water-resistant paper that turns into compost after use: plastics researchers at the Montan University Leoben have developed and created a new type of copy paper based on renewable polymeric raw materials, so-called bioplastics. These organic plastics make the paper biodegradable.

The basic raw material used by the scientists from Leoben is polylactic acid (PLA), which is created from corn starch, a renewable resource. The novel “bioplastics paper” consists of three layers, with both the top and bottom layer accepting the desired haptic, optic, thermal and mechanical characteristics.

A final test at the end of the project revealed that the synthetic paper could be printed on properly. The researchers could not determine a significant difference in printing quality in comparison with ordinary paper. On the contrary, the toner adhered better to the synthetic paper.