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Our quarterly newsletters are packed with trade news from Austria and Sub-Saharan Africa, business opportunities, information about Austrian activities in the region and details of upcoming events including trade fairs.

There is no missing out now because all editions are here for download!

Newsletter 02/2018 [pdf, 597.4kb]                                                                                                                                                                                            -  healthcare, agriwater innovation challenge, data privacy  -

Newsletter 01/2018 [pdf, 1,181.0kb]

Newsletter 04/2017 [pdf, 990.4kb]

Newsletter 03/2017 [pdf, 712.6kb]

Newsletter 02/2017 [pdf, 795.1kb]

Newsletter 01/2017 [pdf, 618.0kb]

Newsletter 04/2016 [pdf, 630.9kb]

Newsletter 03/2016 [pdf, 528.2kb]

Newsletter 02/2016 [pdf, 556.3kb]

Newsletter 01/2016  [pdf, 558.8kb]

Newsletter 04/2015  [pdf, 537.6kb]

Newsletter 03/2015 [pdf, 565.7kb]

Newsletter 02/2015 [pdf, 499.8kb]

Newsletter 01/2015 [pdf, 539.2kb]

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