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World's best vodka comes from Austria

30. November 2012

Master distiller Josef Farthofer took the gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2012 in London for his organic vodka.

Experts have been familiar with Josef Farthofer for years thanks to his innovative creations like Mostello (pear dessert wine). Now his organic vodka has won acclaim at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2012 in the Guildhall in London. Along with winning the gold medal for the best vodka in the world, Farthofer could also take pride in a bronze medal for his organic apricot brandy. His organic gin won an award 2 years ago.

Competition was fierce: 90 vodkas from all over the world, including the most famous brands, all entered. Every year the IWSC recognises the best wines and spirits from more than 80 countries and is the world’s leading contest of this type. The spirits category alone saw over 2,400 products competing.

The win is even more sensational considering that vodka, gin and rum have hitherto been seen as “peripheral products” for EDELDESTILLERIE Josef V. Farthofer . The family-run company specialises in the high-quality distillation of organic, hand-processed fruits and has Europe’s largest range of organic schnapps, brandy and liqueurs.