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Living Art Floors bring Mafi natural wood flooring to Southern Africa

16. April 2013

Living Art Floors are proud to announce that they have been appointed as the exclusive partner for the Austrian based company Mafi floors for Southern Africa.

The company follows the principle that wood can only fully develop its positive features for man and his living space when it is used in the most natural way possible.

Living Art Floors is a family business, owned and run by the Brandner family who also hail from Austria.
Director Georg Brandner says "The idea of partnering with Mafi came to me when we researched the global market for the best eco-friendly wooden flooring available for our private home in South Africa. The African climate presents unique challenges and we discovered Mafi flooring. We were fascinated by the unique design possibilities these floors presented. The simple and efficient way in which the buying and consulting were handled led me to realise that this was an opportunity for me to bring this upmarket product to other home owners in our region.”

All Mafi wood floors have a special, ecological surface finish that distinguishes them from all others. The floors come in a number of various designs and constructions, to suit any individual, commercial or domestic requirements for both functionality and design. Since the floors are a natural product no UV-hardening chemicals or lacquers are used. By finishing the floors with natural oils together with Mafi’s symmetrical 3-layer construction, where the backing is the same wood as the top layer, the planks always retain their shape and their beautiful appearance."

Following the ethos of sustainability the company adheres to the strictest standards and the floors are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. Mafi itself is a member of the FSC. All Mafi woods are sourced from responsibly forested areas in Europe.

Due to the wintery conditions in Europe, dark woods are scarce. As a result, the richer appearances of the Vulcano ranges is achieved by Mafi’s trademark heating process where planks are baked for up to 45 days, resulting in the wood caramelising without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. This also means that the floors are extremely hard-wearing.

These easy to maintain and extremely resilient floors are used by many architects, designers and celebrities worldwide who swear by the symbiosis of its perfect naturalness and first-class design.
Over 80 different floorboard samples of this unique, upmarket range of natural wood flooring can be viewed at Living Art Floor’s upmarket showroom in The Gantry centre in Fourways. A visit to the showroom is a must in order to fully understand what a Mafi floor can do.

Interested? Please contact

Living Art Floors
Mr. Georg or Mr. Fabian Brandner
T 011 465 2131