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BioFire Fireplaces in South Africa

17. April 2013

 Top-brand, top-quality fireplaces from Austria available in South Africa! 

BioFire Austria

Founded in 1967, in Salzburg, Austria, Superfire Kamine – Vetriebs Gmbh has become the leading provider of full ceramic masonry heaters (German: Kachelofen or Grundofen) in Europe.
Since their inception, BioFire fireplaces have been planned, calculated and constructed to the highest efficiency and quality standards in accordance with the personal requirements of our customers. Today there are more than 80 000 satisfied BioFire owners who value the quality and unique heating properties this fireplace has to offer.

BioFire South Africa

In November 2010, BioFire set new roots at the southern tip of Africa adding to the multiple countries they already serve. Harry and Evelin Wörz, as well as their son Alex have helped to create a brand that is one of the top fireplace providers in the local South African market. While the focus is currently placed on the cities and surrounds of Cape Town and Johannesburg, projects have been performed in other areas as well. This family run business is a credit to the BioFire ideal and still retains very strong ties with the Austrian head office. While all designs are done locally, the engineering know how for each unique fireplace comes from the engineering studio in Salzburg. Based on this there is a close collaboration for every single project.

What projects are lined up for the future?

Until now around 80 masonry fireplaces have been built in South Africa. While initially most clients were of Austrian or German descent, the percentages have now turned around, with the majority of customer being South African. As Alex Wörz from BioFire says, “Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to become electricity independent. Our products are a great way of keeping conveniently warm in winter, while adding to the design of the house. Especially due to the higher initial installation costs - when compared to other fireplaces - it is imperative for potential clients to receive all the information required to make an informed decision.”

Alphen aan den Rijn

Besides the individual residential and commercial projects, BioFire has also been appointed the provider of choice for all fireplaces at the Alphen aan den Rijn Healthcare and Lifestyle Village.

Alphen aan den Rijn Healthcare and Lifestyle Village is located in the Municipal District of Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa. This unique development is built around “Investing in your Health” and thereby securing access to “Improved Healthcare” whilst residing within this healthcare and lifestyle Estate. The entire 25.7Ha Development along with its 321 Freehold Residential Stands, Boutique Hotel and Healthcare Clinic is structured as an Eco-friendly Environmental component which will include the following: Solar Power, Solar Water Heating, Rain Water Harvesting as well as Water and Waste Water Management. Each unit will also have a built in Biofire Fireplace which will provide comfortable radiant heat for up to 24 hours with only one firing during the cold winters. Green is the theme of the BioFire and the Alphen aan den Rijn Teams. Also for the start of the development the Austrian mother company will send additional master fireplace masons to support the local operation.
Superfire, with its product BioFire, is another successful example of an Austrian SME providing leading products on a global scale.


Further information can be obtained:

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Gauteng: Mr. Alex Wörz, T 079 223 3349, E
Western Cape: Mr. Harry Wörz, T 072 2925865 E