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Further expansion in Asia for ENGEL

7. May 2013

The expansion of production facilities in China and South Korea is part of ENGEL's growth strategy for Asia, which has enabled it to increase market share in the region to 10%.

The Austrian ENGEL Group is one of the world’s leading producers of injection moulding technology, made at its 8 sites in Europe, North America and Asia. The firm has recently enjoyed great success in Asia, where it is represented with two production plants and has managed to establish a market share of almost 10%.

The production facility in Pyungtaek City (South Korea) has been expanded and modernised. Around 1,200 injection moulding machines – almost double the previous figure – will be leaving the factory every year. This required a total investment of over EUR 8 million. Pyungtaek City plays a key role for the company in the fast-growing Asian market. Around 30% of the machines produced there remain in the country, while 70% are exported to China and other Asian states. Clients include global players – predominantly from the automotive and electronics industries – as well as smaller plastics processing firms.

The production plant in Shanghai (China), which produces large-scale machinery, was also upgraded in 2012. In addition, Engel founded a distribution and service centre in Bangkok (Thailand) on 1st April 2013.