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Getzner provides vibration protection for Gotthard Base Tunnel

18. November 2014

The Austrian specialists have fitted an anti-vibration system for the track of what is currently the world's longest railway tunnel.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is part of the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA), currently the largest construction project in Switzerland. Passenger and freight trains will travel the whole 57km length at speeds of up to 250km/h, taking just 15 minutes to do so. This places heavy demands on the tunnel track. To ensure that the track remains usable for a long time to come and prevent undue stress, the track was equipped with elastic components.

It was decided to employ the LVT (Low Vibration Track) system, whereby the track is made up of single-block concrete sleepers. The sleepers have elastic inserts made from Getzner Sylodyn material in a rubber boot. The main advantage of the LVT system is that it's easy to replace individual elements. It also provides favourable characteristics such as high track accuracy, durability, reliability, low maintenance costs and greater comfort for rail passengers. All the turnouts in the tunnel have also been laid on Getzner’s highly elastic polyurethane material Sylodyn®.

The rail technology requirements on this flagship project were demanding: the extremely frequent use of the track, with up to 250 trains per day, puts the line under above-average stress. The Austrians won the tender based on the excellent properties of their materials, extensive technological expertise and renowned references.

Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH is a leading specialist for vibration protection. Solutions from Getzner are used in the rail, construction and industry sectors. Alongside its locations in Austria and Germany, there are also sites in China, France, India, Japan, Jordan and the USA. Distribution is handled by the company's partners in a total of 35 countries around the world; exports account for 86%.