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MIT Europe Conference 2017, vienna - technological Leaps vs. strategic steps

21. January 2017

On the 29th and 30th of March researchers, business leaders and innovators in the tech space will discuss the potential of technology to accelerate company strategies.

Now for the 6th time, the research elite of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will be visiting the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber for the MIT Europe Conference 2017 .

From AI on a chip to ‘Digital Twins’ to Cube Satellites

Vivienne Sze from the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science will present how artificial intelligence can be put on a simple chip and therefore applied among various sectors. Donna Rhodes, the director of the MIT Systems Engineering Advancement Initiative, will speak about “Digital Twins”, a virtual reproduction of a machine that can provide savings in terms of costs and time. Amos Winter from the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering will base his presentation on a recently published article that our planet’s resources are insufficient to supply the world’s growing population with necessary goods. Sustainability will in the future be key to building products and ensuring the ability to attract the largest number of potential customers. Carlo Ratti, Director of the MIT Senseable City Lab, works on Smart Cities and the Future of Urban Living. Last but not least, Kerry Cahoy will demonstrate how in the near future even smaller companies will be able to access space through Cube Satellites.  

Join us in Vienna to learn more about how your company can keep up with the high pace of technological evolution. Meet and discuss hot topics with MIT’s experts at the conference and be an early adopter and benefit from first-hand knowledge. 

Please visit our event page , contact us for additional information, or register directly to attend to 2017 MIT Europe Conference.