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Record results for Austrian tourism in 2014

17. February 2015

Austria is a more popular holiday destination than ever before. The number of arrivals hit a record high of 37.6 million in 2014.

2014 saw the highest ever number of visitors to Austria according to preliminary figures from Statistics Austria . A total of 37.55 million arrivals exceeded the record set the previous year (36.85 million) by 1.9%. Around two thirds of arrivals were by international guests (25.29 million), while guests from Austria were at a record high of 12.26 million.

At the same time, the number of overnights slipped back slightly in 2014 to 131.86 million (-0.6%). The year-on-year decline in overnights was most pronounced for visitors from Germany (-2.6%) and the Netherlands (-1.4%). In contrast, guests from Switzerland spent 1.4% more nights in Austria. There was also a rise in overnights from holidaymakers from the Czech Republic, (+3.1%), Poland (+7%) and the USA (+9%). The sharpest fall was in overnights from Russian guests (-7.9% to 1.8 million).

The decrease in overnights and simultaneous increase in arrivals highlights the longstanding trend for shorter holidays. In 2004 the average stay was 4.1 nights, falling to 3.5 nights in 2014.