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Innovative lighting solutions from Vienna conquer the world

2. June 2016

The exclusive, bespoke solutions produced by Austrian lighting manufacturers KOLARZ are causing a sensation all over the world, most recently in Shanghai, China.

The Viennese company KOLARZ has been skilfully transforming inspiration into light for nearly 100 years, receiving worldwide acclaim for its hand-made living room lamps and perfect light solutions - some of which boast spectacular dimensions. After all, it takes extraordinary products and new ideas to hold one’s own on today’s competitive market.

Most recently, the Austrian lighting experts have been making waves with a prestigious project in Shanghai, China. The 632-metre high Shanghai Tower is the world’s second tallest building, and its futuristic interior lighting is designed by KOLARZ. Ceiling lights festooned with 25,000 slivers of Murano glass 2 metres in length have been supplied for the ballroom and VIP lounge; each individual chandelier measures 5 metres across and weighs 8 tons. In addition, the largest multi-function room in the tower is decorated with 32 chrome and fibreglass pendant lights manufactured by KOLARZ.

But it is not just big, commercial projects that have benefitted from the KOLARZ touch – the company’s top quality lamp designs have also been lighting up the faces of private customers. Founded in Vienna in 1918, the company is now in the fourth generation of family ownership. More than 1,200 different light models with up to 100,000 design variants are hand-made in Austria, Italy and Hungary – so every single light fitting is truly unique.

KOLARZ now supplies exclusive light design from the heart of Europe to some 3,000 department stores all over the world. The company exports to more than 50 countries and has a turnover of some EUR 25 million.

KOLARZ is currently testing an innovative new product: special LED lights for greenhouses. The technology promises to save water and remove the need for chemical spraying. Whether in skyscrapers, living rooms or forcing houses, quality Austrian lighting is shining brightly throughout the world.