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“Master plan“: creating 100,000 addi-tional “green jobs“ by 2020

27. October 2010

185,000 Austrians work in the environment and climate protection sectors. Up to 2020, 100,000 additional “green jobs“ will be cre-ated, announced Minister of the Environment Nikolaus Berlakovich. To realise this goal, the Minister – together with President of the Aus-trian Economic Chamber Christoph Leitl – presented the “Master Plan for Green Jobs“ on 7 October 2010. This paper aims at paving the way for an alliance between all ministries, the Länder and the respective interest groups. The stakeholders are invited to collaborate actively and consistently for growth in Austria and to realise great domestic potentials.

About 35,000 new jobs are to be created through thermal rehabilitation projects. The aim is to increase the rate of thermally im-proved buildings from currently 1% to 3% by 2020. This would correspond to about 700,000 flats benefiting from thermal rehabilitation. Thanks to this measure, approximately 30,000 full-time jobs could be created or safeguarded in the labour market. About 5,000 jobs to be created through the conversion of heating sys-tems can be added to this figure, explained Berlakovich.
An investment volume of 2 billion euro would be generated if additional funds amounting to 300 million euro – 100 million euro from the Federal Republic, 200 million euro from the Länder – were made available, added WKÖ boss Leitl.
For domestic enterprises competing at interna-tional level, “green technology“ was an impor-tant issue for the future. The research and de-velopment (R&D) bonus should therefore be raised from 8 to 12%, demanded Leitl.
According to the master plan, 6,000 additional “green jobs“ are to be created by increasing the export ratio. Growing demand for eco-tourism will result in about 13,500 new jobs, while intensified use of forest biomass is likely to generate another 6,500 jobs. The Minister of the Environment expects that 15,000 jobs will be created by expanding and improving public transport services, while investments in energy systems, e.g. as a basis for e-mobility (electri-cal cars) could lead to 20,000 new jobs. Fi-nally, increased demand for environmental services could result in roughly 4,000 jobs.
“Green jobs“ include all tasks in the environ-mental and climate protection sector. The spec-trum spans from waste disposal to specialist engineering services.