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Al Ain Hospital Continues Service Enhancements, Completes Another Millstone State-of-the-Art Projects

11. March 2010

Al Ain City: Al Ain Hospital, managed by the Medical University of Vienna and, VAMED, today announced that it has completed another significant redevelopment of its facilities and services with the completed project for 3 new state-of-the-art Operating Theatre (OT), an upgraded 14 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and a new Clinical Imaging diagnostic machines including the best C.T scanner for the Radiology department .

These new facilities and services establish a new benchmark of excellence in the Al Ain market and set a service standard that is comparable to some of the best healthcare institutions in the world. Al Ain Hospital is owned and operated by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) which is responsible for all the curative activities of the public hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Mr. George Jepson, CEO of Al Ain Hospital said: “The completion of these three projects is part of a larger program to redevelop the hospital into one of the best in class healthcare institutions in the region and beyond. This is a crucial milestone for us. The new OT, ICU and our new Clinical Imaging Institute have some of the best- equipment technology has to offer. When coupled with the superior medical expertise of our highly qualified staff and the know-how and management capabilities of the Medical University of Vienna and VAMED, it can only help the hospital reinforce its reputation as a best in class healthcare institution in the community.”

The hospital’s new ICU is spacious and modern. It is comprised of 14 enclosed and private cubicles including two pediatric units, two isolation units and one VIP room. The ICU will be headed by a dedicated Intensivist who will be assisted by a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated medical experts to serve the patients in the ICU.

The 3 new OT, apart from the existing facilities will provide specialist operations such as joint replacement, surgeries for sports injuries etc… The most important innovation in the OT is its positioning as a Trauma Centre, which will have a specialised team of medical experts from all crucial disciplines under a trauma leader to cater to critical cases

The highlight of the new Clinical Imaging Institute is the addition of a new state-of-the-art dual-source CT scanner, one of the fastest in the UAE. The new Scanner is capable of doing a whole body scan in just 0.6 seconds.

Dr. Gerhard Schwab, Medical Director of Al Ain Hospital said: “These new additions have strengthened our reputation as a one-stop diagnostic and acute care centre for the Ail Ain community. These efforts are in line with the continuing overall restructuring of the Al Ain Hospital. Our aim is to be a regional referral center that is renowned for the most advanced and comprehensive health care diagnostics across the UAE and even the region.”

Prof. Michael Fuchsjaeger, Consultant Radiologist and , Associate Professor of Radiology at Medical University of Vienna is in charge of the new Clinical Imaging Institute at Al Ain Hospital. ,He said: “The new CT Scanner is a revolution in clinical imaging. It scans faster than the heart beat. As a result, the patient need not be pre-medicated prior to the scanning procedure. Because it is a dual source scanner with two radiating sources, the scanning procedure is extremely quick and complete allowing us to do diagnostic imaging for multiple critical cases.”

Another advantage of the new CT Scanner is that it exposes patients to 50 per cent less radiation risk than most other CT machines. While radiation risk is already small with CT Scanners, this advantage, along with its rapid diagnostic capabilities is of particular advantage in times of critical medical intervention.

Commenting on the expanded scope of the new OT, Professor Stefan Marlovits, Director of Trauma Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and Deputy Medical Director of Al Ain Hospital, said: “The most important innovation in the OT is its positioning as a Trauma Centre, which will have a specialized team of medical experts from all crucial disciplines under a trauma leader to cater to critical cases.”

He said a Trauma Centre of extreme importance considering 20 per cent of the deaths in the UAE occur due to accidents. The new OT is also equipped with the latest technology to deliver specialist surgical services such as treatment of sports-related injuries, joint replacement and minimum invasive endoscopic surgical procedures..

Dr. Eugene Adelsmayr, Chairman of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit, said: “The new ICU facility has been designed to provide critical care to patients by harnessing the latest technology. The new ICU units are state-of-the-art, and have major advantages over the earlier one, the new ICU is designed as a closed unit to minimize the risk of infections. It has an array of new life support equipment including top-of-the-line ventilators, the absolute latest in cardiac monitors and modern renal replacement machines among cutting edge medical equipment.”

About Al Ain Hospital
Al Ain Hospital is a 412 -bed acute care hospital with more than 250 physicians on staff, 35+ medical departments and three Family Medicine Centers. The hospital’s emergency room serves the Al Ain community by operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round. Al Ain Hospital is committed to providing the community with high-quality healthcare in a safe, caring, confidential environment in line with European world class standards and the expectations of the Al Ain community and the UAE.

Each day, an average of 350 patients is seen in the Emergency Room. With more than 320,000 outpatients seen in the Specialty Outpatient Clinics and Family Medicine Centers, the hospital is a key competency centre for multidisciplinary, specialist, ambulatory and outpatient diagnostics and treatment services. Al Ain Hospital is managed under an exclusive partnership between VAMED (a leading European Hospital Management company) and, Medical University of Vienna. In addition to this, Al Ain Hospital has a long established prestigious collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University in Al Ain. Al Ain Hospital is owned and operated by an Abu Dhabi Health Services company (SEHA) which is responsible for all curative activities of the public hospitals and clinics of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

About SEHA
SEHA is health in Arabic. The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company – whose corporate identity is SEHA – is an independent, public joint stock company created to manage and develop the curative activities of the public hospitals and clinics of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. SEHA is committed to providing quality, cost effective healthcare on par with international standards measured through accessibility, affordability, choice and satisfaction. SEHA owns and operates 12 hospital facilities, 2,644 licensed beds, 62 Ambulatory and Primary Healthcare Clinics, 2 blood banks and an autism education center. SEHA is one of the largest employers in the Middle East with more than 15,000 doctors, nurses and other clinical staff and administration employed. For further information, visit us at or contact James S Ferrier, Corporate Marketing Manager at or Salama Al Mazrouei, Corporate Marketing Specialist at

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