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Al Nassma’s luxurious and delectable path to success

25. March 2012

Dubai-based Al Nassma has been working for the last two years with a team of international experts to realise this unique Arabian product. In an exclusive interview with the Austrian Trade Commission, Al Nassama LLC shares this exclusive chocolatier's recipe for success and expansion. 

Al Nassma is a unique product that encapsulates the spirit of Arabia and Dubai. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it uses first class camel milk which has five times more vitamin c, is rich in minerals and antimicrobial making it an ideal choice to create the perfect chocolate for the region and beyond. Al Nassma's commitment to the product development for this exclusive chocolate is admirable and inspiring.
After launching in Dubai in 2008, Al Nassma received an overwhelming response globally. Due to its increasing demand, Al Nassma chocolate is now available in many renowned places, including the Burj al Arab, the Bab al Shams Hotel, the Emirates Towers Hotel, the Atlantis Hotel, the Kempinski, the Grand Hyatt . Al Nassma also has its own store at Umm Nahad in Dubai. With such an encouraging response, it comes as no surprise that Al Nassma decided to plunge headlong into developing its global distributorship by targeting markets abroad. Officials at Al Nassma are quick to point out: “We sell very successfully through our Partner in Japan and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. and will soon be available in many other countries. However, since Al Nassma is a true Arabic chocolate our main focus will always be our home-base, mainly the GCC countries and the Arab world. Also we must admit that we are experiencing a strong interest from across the globe, in particular Europe, the US and Japan. Through our Partner UPS we ship chocolates to individual clients virtually all over the world already."
Al Nassma's success mantra lies in its undying devotion to art of preparing premier chocolates and catering to the consumer's gourmet tastes and preferences. They are especially mindful of the Middle Eastern consumer's preference for luxurious, top notch chocolate- especially since the recent research that tagged Middle East in the top five regions for chocolate consumers worldwide. Quoting Al Nassma's officials, "To our mind, like most discerning consumers of gourmet chocolate, the chocolate loving community in the Middle East expects the highest possible quality from us. Our main aim is to deliver to our customers the best quality chocolate with exceptional taste. Anyone who has tried Al Nassma chocolate will instantly be able to tell that ours is a premium product."

In a nutshell, undeterred by the economic downturn, confident and proud of the exclusivity of its gourmet chocolates, Al Nassma is currently in the process of gathering the perfect ingredients in the form of consumer feedback and developing more exciting new flavors and presentations.

Sample some Al Nassma tidbits here:

It took well known Viennese chocolatiers Georg Hochleitner from Salzburg and Wolf Zieger more than two years to come up with the perfect recipe for Al Nassma.

In UAE, Al Nassma is available at its own Café in the Mall of the Emirates, Burj Khalifa's “At the Top”, Dubai Mall, the Dukkan Shop in Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Prestigious hotels like the Emirates Palace Hotel and the Burj al Arab and all Jumeirah Hotel Shops, the Kempinskis, the Grand Hyatt, the Raffles stock al Nassma chocolates including Abu Dhabi Duty Free and Dubai Duty Free.

For one bar of Al Nassma’s whole camel milk chocolate we use approx. one glass of 150 ml of fresh and pasteurized camel milk.

All the camels are from the Camelicious farm, Al Nassma's sister-company in Umm Nahad, on the outskirts of Dubai.