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Austria Connect 2011

Austria connect
4. October 2011

The third trans-regional conference organized by the Austrian Trade Commission in Abu Dhabi, will have regional experts to speak about business opportunities in connection with Austria. The countries covered in 2011 will be UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

As the outlook for the world economy is getting more cloudy than sunny, even the fast growing GCC and Gulf countries have to confront similar questions. In spite of the fact that some countries are already considered as “emerging markets” indicating their mature development other countries on the Arabian Gulf are still labeled “Frontier Markets” reflecting a higher risk factor there.

Austria has been quick in establishing a presence in the fast growing Dubai market thanks to its construction boom, but the downturn there meant that business had to be shifted to other GCC and Gulf markets. The resulting change of strategy has impacted Austrian companies’ plans, as well as it made the entry for newcomers more complex. The question is, if one should try to strengthen the presence in the established and wealthy Gulf Economies or focus on the more profitable but also riskier Frontier Markets in the region.

This is the main theme for AUSTRIA CONNECT GULF 2011 and will be extensively discussed and presented by industry experts, analysts and by the Austrian Trade Commissioners and their teams from Saudi Arabia (Pierre Prunis) Iraq (Kurt Müllauer) Iran (Michael Friedl) and UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan (Wolfgang Penzias). You will receive updates on the economic landscape, lists of major projects and business practices there from a range of experts. A special focus will highlight the intercultural aspects of doing business in the Gulf countries.

Please see our Prgram for further information:
Austria Connect Gulf 2011 - Short Program [pdf, 362.7kb]

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