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Austrian companies clear the air

4. October 2011

Globally the industrial sectors involving environmental technology and renewable energy are growing at an especially fast rate, and Austria is a leader for environmental technology among European countries. The Austrian Trade Commission flags off a series of articles on Austria and its rapid development in the field of environment technologies in areas such as emissions control, conservation energy and waste management. In this edition, we deal with Austrian companies’ modern planning methods, competence in providing solutions, tailor-made concepts and highly qualified experts to reduce the amount of excessive air pollutants in the air

Airborne pollutants have been recognized as the cause of numerous diseases and environmental problems. The most important such substances are ozone; the precursors NOx and VOC; acid gases such as SO2, HCl and HF; dust; heavy metals ( mercury, lead, cadmium, chrome, nickel and copper); dioxiand PAH.
International agreements (eg. Goteborg) have been ratified to reduce the amount of excessive air pollutants that crosses borders. European guidelines and national laws regulate amounts of emissions from the most significant sources (power plants, boilers, waste incineration facilities and certain other industrial operations) through limits on emissions.
Evidence of Austrian companies’ innovativeness in this sector is provided for example by paper manufacturer and wholesaler Lenzing Papier, which makes the country’s first carbon-neutral paper. This new type, Impact Climate Paper, is produced with barely any CO2 emissions.
Austrian Energy & Environment (AE&E) is an international source of gas scrubbing technologies, from flue-gas scrubbers for power plants to complex multistage systems for waste incineration, dry scrubbing methods based on circulating fluidized beds, and catalytic scrubbing to NOx extraction. One of its products is the Turbo-sorp fluidized-bed technology: while employed solely by the glass and aluminium industries and somewhat later at power plants for desulphurization at first, this AE & E technology has performed excellently for several years now for scrubbing after the utilization of household and commercial wastes.
Another company Bionik Filtersysteme GmbH, based in Wiener Neudorf, has many years of experience with the conception, design, building, operation and long term maintenance of exhaust-scrubbing systems intended to reduce smells and pollutants.
Wotsch Lufttechnische Anlagen is a leader in the construction of ventilation systems. Thanks to its team of highly qualified specialists in the areas of ventilation, exhaust and dust extraction technology, custom-tailored solutions are worked out for ventilation systems with heat recovery in commercial and industrial spaces, and also restaurants.
The family-owned Adler Company of Schwaz demonstrates an exemplary commitment to ecology: this family-owned Tyrolean manufacturer of paint, coatings and wood preservatives demonstrates how chemical production with considerably reduced effects on the environment is possible. For example, emissions of solvents were decreased by about seven metric tons thanks to expansion of the catalytic afterburning of production exhaust.