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Frisch & Frost’s sweet mantra for success

Frisch & Frost
13. December 2011

Frisch & Frost, Austria’s leading frozen goods specialist for potato, dough and pastry, and finger food products made to traditional Austrian recipes under the Bauernland and Toni Kaiser brands made waves at Salon Culinaire, the Emirates Culinary Guild’s international cooking competition. With a thriving export operation and the availability of its products as far as the Arabian peninsula, Frisch and Frost continues to remain true to its Austrian roots. The Austrian Trade Commission indulges in the company’s sugary success. 

For Austrian frozen goods specialist Frisch & Frost, Salon Culinaire, the renowned cooking and baking competition, was the perfect platform to showcase their products- potato and pastry specialities that are made to traditional Austrian recipes under the Bauernland and Toni Kaiser brands. Although the company has a thriving export operation, and its products are available as far afield as the Arabian Peninsula; its USP lies in its commitment to sustainable management principles and to remain true to its Austrian roots.
Frisch & Frost – on course for growth in Arab markets
Frisch & Frost is one of the largest manufacturers of frozen goods in Austria. But the company’s leading role in the frozen foods business extends beyond its home market. With exports accounting for around 40% of revenue, it also has a strong presence in foreign markets such as Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and CEE countries. The Austrian convenience expert is even a familiar face in Arab markets thanks to its Toni Kaiser-branded pastry products, which have already appeared several times at Gulfood.
Viennese pastry baking tradition at Salon Culinaire
Gulfood 2011 set the stage for the Salon Culinaire, the Emirates Culinary Guild’s international cooking competition. This event brought together 1,500 cooks from all over the world, that lined up against each other to show off their cooking and baking skills. Once again Toni Kaiser strudel pastry was at the heart of many of the mouthwatering creations. “We have worked with the popular Austrian brand Toni Kaiser on numerous occasions in the past. We are very pleased that it is returning to the Salon Culinaire again this year,” explains Emirates Culinary Guild President, Uwe Micheel.
“The Salon Culinaire is one of the highlights of the Gulfood fair and a special challenge for all participants as it puts their skill, natural talent and creativity to the test. We can’t wait to see the creations that the candidates come up with in Dubai,” explains Robert Oppeneder, president of the German Chefs Association and Chairman of the World Association of Chefs Societies’ (WACS) Culinary Competitions Committee.
Toni Kaiser – the Austrian strudel specialist with a long tradition
Austrian brand Toni Kaiser is synonymous with premium Viennese pastries made to traditional recipes and using natural ingredients. Toni Kaiser is all about creating high quality and great tasting products that are reminiscent of home cooking. And thanks to practical preparation methods and ease of use – for cooks in household and industrial kitchens alike – Toni Kaiser has the right solutions to satisfy every need. The Vienna strudel pastry is a perfect example of this philosophy.
Viennese strudel dough made to an original recipe
Pulled strudel dough is an indispensible part of Viennese pastry baking. In fact, it is a key ingredient in countless Austrian desserts, from classic Viennese apple strudel to quark strudel. Toni Kaiser’s Viennese strudel dough is lovingly manufactured according to traditional recipes. With just 5% fat, pulled strudel dough is a far lighter alternative to filo pastry, which has a fat content of about 30%. Another key advantage is that the dough is pulled so thin that the filling accounts for around 85% of the overall weight of the strudel. Although the competition in Dubai will focus on sweet strudels, Toni Kaiser pulled strudel dough is also ideally suited for savoury varieties.
Frisch & Frost – sustainability and regionalism driving growth
Frisch & Frost has always had strong ties to Austria. All Frisch & Frost products contain the very best Austrian ingredients, many of them sourced from regional suppliers. A sustainable business model when it comes to the local region, the environment, employees and suppliers is at the heart of Frisch & Frost’s corporate philosophy. This also demands the efficient use of raw materials, and a focus on environmentally friendly, energy-efficient production technology. The company’s own biogas plant converts biological waste from the production process into electricity, and any surplus is fed back into the public grid. As a result Frisch & Frost makes a significant contribution to cutting CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.
Farm guarantee – fully traceable ingredients
The Frisch & Frost range not only includes speciality pastries and cakes from Toni Kaiser. It also covers the Bauernland-branded potato products made from premium Austrian ingredients. Consumers are placing greater emphasis on the traceability of the products they buy – which is why information on the origin of the ingredients is so important. Frisch & Frost became the first Austrian company to respond to this emerging trend when it introduced the Bauernhof Garantie (farm guarantee) seal, which helps customers to identify the source of the ingredients from the product packaging. This promotes food safety and cultivates consumer trust, while at the same time supporting Austrian farmers and suppliers.