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GREENoneTEC produces collectors for the largest solar thermal plant in the world

1. July 2010

In June 2010 GREENoneTEC, the world's largest producer of thermal solar collectors, was commissioned to supply the collectors to Millennium Energy Industries for what is currently the world's largest solar heating plant project at the Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University for Women in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The solar plant comprises 36,305 m2 of collector surface and hence surpasses what is currently the largest solar thermal plant in Marstal, Denmark covering 19,875 m2. The energy generated by GREENoneTEC large-size collectors is used to produce hot water and support the heating system on the 8 square km campus ground. The total area, which compares to a city in itself, offers space for 40,000 students, lecturers and other staff, 13 faculties, accommodation, research facilities and its own hospital.

The construction project comprises a contract value of over 11.5 billion US$ and is a showcase project in the Arab world and globally, not only from an environmental perspective. As a comparison, this capacity could supply hot water to about 36.000 persons and safe more than 52 Mio. Liter of fuel oil (125 Mio. kg CO2)

Currently, 4000 engineers, technicians and workers are involved in constructing of the university, which is due to be complete within 2 years, i.e. the end of 2011. The solar plant, however, is to be ready for test operation by the end of 2010, and is being designed and constructed by Millennium Energy Industries, the leading solar heating and cooling solution provider in the Middle East and North Africa region, Millennium Energy Industries was awarded the contract for the solar plant in January 2010. GOT and MEI are partnering to realize this project in record time and to the highest level of quality.

To be able to supply this large number of collectors on time, the upgrade of the production line for large-surface collectors was started at GREENoneTEC in St.Veit in March this year. The plant's capacity was doubled overall. Since May 10, a total of 21 people have been working on the production line in a 3-shift operation, i.e. around the clock.

Robert Kanduth, Managing Director and founder of GREENoneTEC is overjoyed at the contract: "This plant has gigantic proportions – the 36,000 m2 of surface is equivalent to about the size of 5 football pitches full of collectors. For GREENoneTEC, that means a contract volume of over 3.6 mil. EUR, and more than 30 new jobs for the region."

The GK 3000 series collectors with a gross surface of 10 m2, which GREENoneTEC designed specifically for large solar thermal plants, have been adapted to the specific requirements of MEI for the Arabic world for the project at the Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University. A special solar glass with high transparency enhances performance. A modified mounting system satisfies the customer's need for optimised use of space and is also equipped for the much stronger winds that can occur during sand storms, for instance.