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22. March 2011

Middle East Flagship KTM that recently opened its showroom in Dubai is all geared up for the UAE market. An exhilarating package of adventure tours has set this Austrian brand apart . The Austrian Trade Commission takes a ride.

A home to riding communities such as Phoenix riders, a non profit riding club and Wolfi’s Bike shop, a German based bike shop, Dubai is slowly turning into a biker’s dream destination. Recent events such as UAE National Day Bikers parade 2010 and Gulf Bike week 2011 have also successfully managed to bring together motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages, backgrounds and interests. With more and more enterprises opening up to keep up with UAE ‘s burgeoning biking community, there is no better time for KTM, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of off-road racing motorbikes, street motorcycles and quads, to open its Middle East flagship store in Dubai.
The opening ceremony was hosted by Ahmed Al Shafar, President of the Al Shafar Group, which is the major shareholder in KTM Middle East. Al Shafar was joined by the global CSO of KTM Sportmotorcycle AG, Mr. Hubert Trunkenpolz, and managing partner of KTM-UAE, Tim Trenker.
Speaking about the company’s vision for the Middle East region, Trenker said: “KTM is proud to be opening the doors to its new, flagship store for the region, right here in Dubai. By doing this, we are planting the seeds that will support the company’s future growth, built around the exciting model line-up we have.”
The company kickstarted the opening by hosting a special Orange week. at the new showroom, which is located on Sheikh Zayed Road between January 30 and February 4. The event featured great deals and discounts, free Red Bull and some great prizes.
Orange Week.also saw the launch of a new initiative between KTM-UAE and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) that will allow buyers of KTM bikes to access special finance packages from the bank.
KTM was happy with the response that they received during the Orange week. Says Mark Montecillo, marketing manager, KTM-UAE, “The response was good. We had a daily walk-in average of 35 customers, 50% of whom didn’t even realize that KTM was in the UAE. This proves, without a doubt, the first rules in business—Location, location, location. Our sales database grew by 19% during that week!”.
Adds he, “Our customers were simply amazed with our new showroom and the variety of products available. Although no one during the Orange week has yet availed of any of the finance packages offered, we did receive some inquiries for financing, mainly for the KTM X-BOW, our sports car.”
The launch of the new store has also come at a time of impressive growth for KTM, which also revealed its plans to continue to invest in expanding and developing its dealer network in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East. The Austrian brand, which is the market leader worldwide in the off-road segment, is especially popular in the region and produces the bike of choice, whether it is for street, off-road or ATV riding.
In the last three years, KTM has radically outperformed the market, increasing its UAE share in the off-road segment from 8% to 30%, against an overall market that dropped by 45%. Ahmed Al Shafar, President of the Al Shafar Group, announced that, by investing in the new showroom and after sales facility, the company plans to increase sales by a further 15% in 2011.
“We are totally committed to the brand, as evidenced by the investment in this new flagship store, which will help us as we strive to provide the highest levels of customer service,” said Al Shafar. “Furthermore KTM Middle East is focused on developing an importer network throughout the Middle East to ensure that there are firm foundations in place for the KTM brand across the whole region."

Hear ye , Hear ye all the adventurers and daredevils out there! KTM offers an exhilarating package of adventure tours for the not so faint hearted. Seven packages on offer include KTM Motorcycles for rent, KTM Motorcross Training, KTM Offroad riding training, 2 hour Dirt bike experience, 1/2 day desert run, Full day desert trek, 2 day desert to beach adventure.
On being queried about the response to the tours, Mark Montecillo, marketing manager, KTM-UAE says, “The most popular package is the bike rental. At its price point, 550 AED, it includes the required riding gear, so all a customer has to do is show up for the ride. None of the worries of bike ownership apply, just the sheer fun and exhilaration of riding in the desert. The other popular packages include the 2-Hour Dirt Bike Experience for tourists or new desert riders
Adds he, “The other packages that include longer rides see riders from abroad as well as corporate groups. Though not as popular as the shorter rides, there is a steady stream of groups that partake of these packages.”

Details of the Adventure tour packages
KTM Motorcycles for Rent
Ride the best off road bikes out in the desert and enjoy the challenging terrain and scenic views. 550 AED , ½ day rental including the uae of riding gear
KTM Motorcross training
Learn the basics of cornering, jumping, racelines, reading the track, negotiating whoop sections and more
350 for seniors and 300 for juniors
KTM Offroad riding training
Learn different ways of navigating through the tough desert terrain and how to properly control your bike in varying conditions
500 AED
2 hour Dirt bike experience
Learn to navigate through the desert on a premium off road motorcycle
AED 700 (includes use of KTM 450 EXC and KTM Riding Gear)
1/2 day desert run,
If you are experienced rider and want to explore the desert but don’t have time to spend a full day then this is the ride for you
AED 700 (includes use of KTM 450 EXC and KTM Riding Gear)
Full day desert trek
Spend the whole day aboard KTM 450 EXC off road motorcycle navigating through the trails and dunes
AED 1500 includes use of KTM 450 EXC and KTM Riding Gear, fuel, drinks and more

2 day desert to beach adventure.
Spend more seat time and at the end of the day lounge around in the beach
AED 2500 includes use of KTM 450 EXC and KTM Riding Gear, fuel, drinks, accommodations and more

For tour inquiries, contact us at +9714-346-8111 or send us an email at