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Meet Dr. Georg Weingartner

Georg Weingartner
1. September 2010

A qualified lawyer with a MBA degree under his belt, our new deputy trade commissioner Dr Georg Weingartner is a man of multifarious interests with a thirst for new challenges. Join the Austrian trade commission in wishing Dr Weingartner a very pleasant and successful tenure in the UAE.

The Austrian Trade commission is all geared up to welcome its new deputy trade commissioner Dr Georg Weingartner. A qualified lawyer with a MBA degree under his belt he will be stationed in UAE for the next 3 years. After being deputed in the South East Asia and Western Europe, Dr Weingartner and his family is all gung ho about setting foot in the Middle Eastern soil, excitedly says he, “I have only touched upon UAE during very brief stop overs when flying from Europe to Asia. But from what I have heard of UAE, it seems like a very welcoming place and I am sure that my family will enjoy their stay here.” On being queried about UAE’s USP, he is quick to add, “UAE is a very open minded society and international society.”
Not a man to be fazed by the challenges of a new culture, Dr Weingartner comes to UAE with a wealth of experience and knowledge gleaned from his earlier deputations in diverse cultures, says he, “I am very excited about this assignment. Moreover, as a person I tend to approach new challenges without any expectations. But I know two things for sure- UAE will be very different from South East Asia and Western Europe, the areas I have been working so far. And there will be a lot to learn.” Despite his measured equilibrium on his approaching sojourn in the UAE, on a lighter note, he adds humorously, “I was told by various people that car drivers in UAE are even more reckless than those in Bangkok.”
However, it is not all work and no play for the Austrian born Dr Weingartner. A serious outdoor person, he chooses to unwind with a mind boggling array of activities such as skiing, scuba diving, martial arts, riding among others. Well, with an indoors ski centre in Dubai-based Mall of the emirates, a well equipped equestrian club in the capital and scope for water sports in the beaches of UAE, Dr Weingartner can have his kuchen and eat it too!