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ZinkPower Middle East FZE galvanizes to action in UAE

Zink power
22. March 2011

The slogan galvanizing unlimited best describes German company Kopf group, the parent company of ZinkPower Middle East which is based in Hamriyah Free zone, Sharjah. The Austrian Trade commission dips into the details.

ZinkPower Middle East FZE is part of Geramn multinational KOPf group and offers hot dip galvanizing of steel structures to make them corrosion free. Hot dip galvanizing of steel parts and structures is one of the main business activities of the company and being a service provider the company’s philosophy is to grow with its customers whenever its customers need it. This is part of the company’s strong customer focus and emphasis on delivering high-quality, timely and reliable service.
According to Wolfgang Motz, general manager, ZinkPower Middle East, the decision to set up a facility in the UAE was taken when a major client , the Austrian steel fabricator Unger Steel decided to build a plant in Hamriyah Free Zone . They informed Kopf Group and asked the company whether it would also be interested in setting up in plant in the free zone. After conducting feasibility studies, ZinkPower Middle East FZE was started on May 29, 2008.
The 5.500 square metre plant in close vicinity to a number of clients like Unger middle east FZE, Mammut Building Systems FZC, Eversendai engineering FZE and others, has the longest galvanizing kettle in the region- 16 metres long. It is three metres deep and 1.8 metres wide.
Hot dip galvanizing is used to protect steel from corroding. As opposed to other corrosion protection systems this bond under normal circumstances lasts for a very long time. Motz cites the example of transmission towers, which throughout the world are made of galvanized steel helping energy providers to save on maintenance and replacement.
The kopf group is nearly 40 years old and has similar plants in 35 other locations spread across nine countries on three continents . in Europe and Mexico, the group is alos active in die casting of non ferrous metals however this not being done in the Middle East.
The hot dip galvanizing plant in hamriyah free zone is a state of the art facility using the latest german technology and is in full compliance with international environmental and safety standards. Most of the company’s customers include steel fabricators of structural pre-engineered buildings , cable management system manufacturers and other steel product manufacturers
Motz says that whenever a steel product is designated and designed for outdoor use, there is a possibility that it will be galvanized . According to him though there is a huge demand within the UAE itself , steel galvanized by zinkpower middle east sometimes finds its way to projects outside uae and even the MENA region. :This is because the UAE is a fabrication and production base for the whole area.
Steel structures and parts galvanized at ZinkPower Middle East plant are subjected to stringent quality to ensure the thickness and evenness of the zink coating. The operation also conforms to strict local and international standards. Adds Motz, This is the only galvanizing plant in the UAE which has a completely closed chemical area with a wet scrubber to clean chemical fumes. ZinkPower Middle East is certified DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
On queried about ZinkPower Middle FZE’s future plans, Motz says, “Currently our objective is to weather the economic situation in the UAE that is picking up slowly and even more important to get paid for the services we render. As we already operate a hot dip galvanizing plant with the largest capacity in the GCC currently we have no expansion plans.