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Silvercare GmbH

© Silvercare GmbH
Silvercare GmbH
Böhmerwaldstraße 18
4020 Linz

Wanted: Importers

© Silvercare GmbH
© Silvercare GmbH

Revolutionary, sustainable superfibre protective masks.
Antibacterial superfibre health equipment with integrated silver to protect people, water and the environment.

Superfibre masks with integrated silver
Protection against viruses, bacteria, germs and pollen!
Superfibre masks with a multi-year service, washable, can be boiled, elegant design
Double protection - the extreme fineness and density of the masks provide outstanding protection against viruses and pollen

Not a medical product.

Sales partners are sought worldwide for the sales of the long-life revolutionary, antibacterial SILVERCARE high-tech superfibre products - for the protection of people, animals, water, the environment and the climate from disease-causing chemicals and environmentally destructive plastics!

Company ID: 223445 - GW ID(s): 34540