Humanitarian Goods

Humanitarian Goods

Food, Agricultural Commodities, Medicine, and Medical Devices, not subject to sanctions

From raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry to finished products, from medical instruments and devices to hospital equipment, from additives for the food and beverage industry to factories, finished products and packaging - everything is needed in Iran. Iran, with over 80 million inhabitants, is one of the largest per capita consumers of medication worldwide. The Iranian medical market is extremely lucrative due to high health standards but outdated facilities.

Apart from the humanitarian aspect, pharmaceutical and medical products are the main components of bilateral trade between Europe and Iran and account for 7% of total EU exports. The percentage is even much higher for individual member states such as Austria.

In addition, pharmaceutical and medical products as well as food considered as “humanitarian products” are specifically excluded from the US sanctions and may continue to be delivered to Iran. Bank transactions are therefore also exceptionally possible for humanitarian goods. There are also other independent payment channels for humanitarian products.

In this economic mission, we will also work closely with the representatives of international companies and institutions, who are present in the local market.

The Iranian market represents great potential for Austrian companies that have a good reputation as reliable partners in Iran. The event also serves as an inside information exchange hub in the current situation. Take the opportunity to get your foot in the door to the Iranian market and seize the opportunities when it comes up.

Key facts about the market in Iran:

• Over 80 million inhabitants

• A functioning social security system

• General awareness of quality health care among the Iranians

• High demand for pharmaceutical raw materials, around half of the raw materials required are imported

• High demand for high-tech medicines and medical devices

• Low taxes on foreign medicines

• Pharmaceutical products are among Austria's main exports to Iran

• High standards in the food sector, Iranian companies have invested heavily, high need for additives and packaging materials

• As part of the economic mission, you have the opportunity to visit the largest food fair - Iran Agro Food