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Iran has a very lively start-up scene. Since only a few international IT and technology companies are present in Iran due to the US sanctions, local companies have often taken their place. There are numerous well-trained university graduates, particularly in the field of STEM. For many of these, a start-up is the way to succeed despite the bad economic situation.

However, the country's “established” engineering companies also do a good job. In addition to the domestic market of at least 80 million inhabitants, the Arab and Central Asian neighboring countries are particularly processed. What Iran has to offer is also extremely competitive in terms of costs.

As part of our “B2B Startups and Engineering Iran” event, you have the opportunity to get an overview of the developments in this field and to establish contact with selected companies in this sector.

The event is part of the internationalization offensive go-international, a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.