EuroSkills 2021: Austria’s young professionals are the best in the EU

Team Austria achieved an impressive haul of 33 medals at the European professional championships held in Austria last week.

© EuroSkills 2021
© EuroSkills 2021

EuroSkills 2021, the 7th European professional championships, took place in Graz (Austria) from 22-26 September 2021, and this year’s competition saw 54 entrants lining up for Austria. The 33 medals they won represented a record result, with 11 golds, 12 silvers and 10 bronzes. The young professionals of Team Austria also notched up another four Medallions for Excellence, more than fulfilling expectations.

These totals are also a reminder that the next generation of Austrian professionals are second to none in the European Union, proving once again the excellence of Austria’s dual education system.

Austria is the envy of Europe for this successful model (whereby apprentices are educated in parallel in industry and at a vocational school) and the system has been copied worldwide and no wonder, since today’s apprentices are tomorrow’s sought-after experts, as every strong business location needs well-trained professionals.

This coming year’s WorldSkills event is to be held in Shanghai, while St Petersburg is set to host the next European professional championships in 2023.