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Logistics "Made in Austria" enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide

Transportation and Logistics, Austria Export Nr 136 © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


8 November 2009

Austria's logistics companies are known across the globe for their clear, tried-and-tested concepts and speedy solutions.

Austria has an exceptionally successful tradition in the field of “Transportation and Logistics”. This involves various modes of transport, special transport solutions, supply chain management, intralogistics, as well as safety, efficiency and sustainability. The prevailing thirst for innovation and the focus on exports that characterise Austrian companies also guarantee an array of top quality products and services in the field of transport and logistics. These companies already hold an excellent position on the international market.

As the global value chain becomes ever more complex and increasingly demands faster decisions, the importance of solid logistics partners is growing. And this is just what Austria offers: find out more in the latest issue of “Austria Export” :

Transportation and Logistics