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Bartenbach LichtLabor is lighting up the world's tallest clock tower

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© Bartenbach LichtLabor GmbH

26 January 2012

The central tower of the Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel in Mecca measures 601 metres and boasts the 4 largest clocks in the world. Austrian lighting specialist Bartenbach LichtLabor was responsible for illuminating these clocks.

The 4 clocks are found at a height of 425 metres; these are also the world’s largest clocks, each with a diameter of 43 metres. As a comparison, the clock’s surface is around 30 times that of London’s Big Ben. Lighting up this area so that one can tell the time at least 8 kilometres away even at night presented an array of challenges.

Bartenbach LichtLabor invested a total of 5 years development work in designing the lighting technology to illuminate the clock faces. The Austrian firm also designed the lighting technology from the media facade upwards. The lighting specialist solved the problem with almost 2 million LED lights which are fully integrated into the architectural design. The order was realised together with the Salzburg company Digital Elektronik , which was responsible for producing and fitting the lighting system.

This project in Mecca has paved the way for further large-scale projects in the area for this Austrian family-run company specialised in natural and artificial lighting design. Bartenbach has also worked on the lighting design for Changi Airport in Singapore, the European Central Bank and Egypt’s National Museum.