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"Taste of Austria" exciting the world

3 February 2012

In 2011 food and drinks from Austria recorded their second largest export increase since 1995 – proof that they have become a permanent feature in the world's pantries.

Austrian agriculture exports rose by 16.1% in terms of value in 2011. The difference between agricultural exports and imports practically cancelled out: exports worth over EUR 9bn stood against imports of EUR 9.4bn. The average value of the exports reached record levels. Export quantity rose by 4% to 8.1 million tonnes. These are the results of the 2011 foreign trade figures from Austria Statistics, extrapolated from Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA) Marketing on the basis of the first three quarters.

Austrian food is particularly popular in Germany, the recipient of around one third of exports (2011: +11.4%). In the worldwide export ranking Italy took second place, followed by Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A total of 17.9% of Austrian food exports in 2011 went to EU states in Eastern Europe, while 13.8% went to the remaining EU 15. One particularly interesting global fact: South Korea is Austria's second largest export market for pork.