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Constant rise in Austrian research spending

12 June 2012

Austrian spending on research and development is set to increase by 4.2% in 2012 to reach EUR 8.6 billion.

2011 marked the first time that Austria spent more than EUR 8 billion on research and experimental development (R&D). In 2012 this amount is set to increase by 4.2% to a predicted EUR 8.6 billion, according to forecasts from Statistics Austria . This corresponds to a research rate of 2.8% of gross domestic product  (GDP).

Austria thereby significantly exceeds the average research quota of the EU 27 which is 2%. In a direct comparison, Austria has the fifth highest rate of R&D spending of the EU 27. Only Finland, Sweden and Denmark with over 3% and Germany with 2.82% have a higher research rate than Austria.

The largest share of total expenditure on research in the current year is accounted for by Austrian companies who make up around 45% (EUR 3.84 billion). The public sector contributes 39.3% (EUR 3.38 billion). 15.6% of Austrian R&D spending in 2012 will come from abroad. A total of EUR 1.34 billion flows into Austria, especially to the subsidiaries of multinational corporations.