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And now: the good news

24 June 2012

The heads of renowned corporations intend to highlight Austria's economic expertise on the international stage with the "21st Austria" initiative.

21st Austria is a collaboration between Austrian companies with an international focus. Their goal is to present Austria as an economic powerhouse and technology leader with extensive expertise in Eastern Europe, as well as more firmly positioning Austria in the minds of decisionmakers in the Anglo-American markets. With this common aim, 17 listed companies launched the "21st Austria" initiative. Their spokesman is Claus J. Raidl, President of the Austrian National Bank.

The companies behind the initiative will aim to reverse the regrettable lack of knowledge about Austria, the benefits it offers as a place for doing business and its economic capabilities, through their own personal efforts to raise awareness. After all, international business partners are often surprised by how strong, innovative and globally successful Austrian companies actually are.

By launching an ongoing dialogue with opinion leaders, 21st Austria intends to counter the broadly indifferent picture of Austria with three key arguments:

  • Solid fundamentals make Austria’s economy robust and resilient
  • Austria is not only a gateway to Eastern Europe – thanks to its broad expertise it also acts as a “transformation agent” in this region
  • Austrian companies are ideally equipped to meet the demand generated by global megatrends

In concrete terms, when the participating business leaders travel abroad they will allocate sufficient time for meeting opinion leaders in the media, academia or think-tanks; they will spread this message in person, while also answering critical questions.

21st Austria is open to all Austrian companies.

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