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Austrian economy among top 3 in EU

22 July 2012

Austria has edged ahead in a direct comparison of GDP per capita within the European Union and is now in third place.

The Austrian economy blossomed last year. According to the latest data from the EU statistics office, Eurostat , Austria took an impressive third place for 2011 in a direct comparison of GDP per capita in the countries of the European Union (EU), with 129% of the EU average. Austria had only come fifth in 2010.

As in previous years, Luxembourg is once again top by a considerable margin. In 2011 the country generated a value of 274%, which is more than two-and-a-half times the EU average. The Netherlands came second: with GDP per head of 131% of the EU average, they were just ahead of Austria.

Other prosperity indicators such as unemployment rates or the trade balance further cement this position: Austria has the lowest unemployment in the EU and the trade balance has been continously positive for the past ten years.

Bulgaria comes bottom of the table with per-capita GDP of just 45% of the EU average. In Italy and Spain the GDP per head is around the EU average.