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2012 Export Winners Series: Hödlmayr International AG

14 August 2012

Since 1994 the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth have been awarding "Export prizes" to Austrian companies for their exceptional success on international markets. This year the prize in the transport and traffic category went to Hödlmayr International AG.  

The family business has its headquarters in Schwertberg, Upper Austria and is an international specialist in Automotive-Outbound-Logistics. Hödlmayr handles the distribution of brand-new vehicles from the production plant to delivery at the dealership.

The company is increasingly turning to the concept of sustainable green logistics, including combining rail and road transport. Hödlmayr has been leading a project with two renowned independent car manufacturers since May 2011 which sees vehicles transported by rail from Graz to Bremerhaven, thereby reducing the environmental impact. Similar Hödlmayr projects have been in place since 2009 between Romania and Belgium as well as France and Germany.

Hödlmayr International AG delivers around one million vehicles every year. The company has subsidiaries in 14 countries and the 1,300 employees recently turned over revenue of around EUR 175 million. Hödlmayr is the first ever logistics company to be awarded this coveted prize.